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Galloway Ridge Spring Newsletter
Spring Newsletter
Fences/Sheds/Above Ground Pools:  Please remember, fences in excess of 5 feet, sheds, and above ground pools are not permitted in Galloway Ridge.   Please see current deed restrictions for details.
2023 dues posted on January 1 and were due by March 31.  Late fees have been assessed and unpaid accounts are subject to the community's collection policy.   Please email info@the27grp.com if you need another copy of your statement emailed to you.  
Galloway Ridge has annual dues of $80 per year. At a cost of 22 cents per day, this money contributes to the cost of maintaining common areas such as the pond, landscaping at entrances and the retention area at the corner of Weston Woods and Iris Trail, community insurance, property taxes, and utilities. Additionally, because the community is not self-managed, the annual dues pay for The Twenty Seven Group Property Management to assist our trustees in managing our neighborhood to keep it maintained, beautiful, and friendly.  
Dues can be paid easily online at www.the27grp.com, and there is no fee to use a checking account.  Please contact The Twenty Seven Group for assistance paying through your customer portal.  Alternatively, a check may be mailed to Galloway Ridge  6059 Frantz Rd, Suite 202, Dublin OH 43017.   Please take mail delays into consideration if you choose to mail your payment. 
Community Garage Sale
Fri June 2nd through Sun June 4th are the dates we have set aside for the Galloway Ridge community garage sale.  
Spring Clean Up
With the warmer weather approaching, your HOA Board and Community Managers wanted to give you some tips and reminders for keeping your home perfect for the upcoming months.  These are all issues that are regularly looked for during management site visits, but are easily maintained with a little time, energy, and know how.
Siding:  The unsightly mold that grows on the siding of many of our homes is a large and unattractive eyesore.  However, there is a great product that will help your home become more resistant to the encroaching mess:      Wet & Forget.  There are other products that could be used as well, but this product will keep it from coming back for at least 6 months at a time after an initial washing and application if the moss growth is heavy. 
Faded Shutters:  After a summer of sunshine and a winter of pounding rain and snow, your shutters and awnings can start to look a little drab and take away from the vibrant appearance of your home.  While in some instances painting is a necessity, there is a cheaper and easier solution that will solve many of these issues.  There are several wipes on the market that will restore lost shine.  One such product is Rejuvenate Restorer Wipes, available in stores and online.
Fences/Sheds/Above Ground Pools:  Please remember, fences in excess of 5 feet, sheds, and above ground pools are not permitted in Galloway Ridge.   Please see current deed restrictions for details.
Lawn Care: All homeowners are expected to maintain their lawns to community standards, including mowing, branches, and general care and maintenance. 
Driveway Repairs:  While the roadways belong to the city, individual driveways are expected to be maintained.  If your driveway is left damaged, particularly at the apron, water can seep under the surface, causing them to further deteriorate.
Fences/Sheds/Above Ground Pools:  Please remember, fences in excess of 5 feet, sheds, and above ground pools are not permitted in Galloway Ridge.   Please see current deed restrictions for details.
As a reminder, any modification to the exterior of your home or yard (painting a new color, fence, or patio installation, etc.) requires approval from the HOA before any work should be done.  If you are planning any modifications, please email our community manager, Reid Owen at reid@the27grp.com so he can get you an application and discuss the other items that will need to be submitted.  Please note that HOA approval does not take the place of any possible permitting that may be required, and it is on the owner to verify those requirements with the City of Columbus.  Current deed restrictions and the modification request form can be found at www.gallowayridgehoa.org along with other community documents, news, and updates.
Thank you for your contributions to our community,
Doug, Rick, and Wendy (Your HOA Board) and The Twenty Seven Group (Your Community Management Team)
Mailbox Repairs Available
Mailbox in need of repair?  
If you are interested in obtaining a quote, please email your board Vice President, Rick Jones at jonesr2691@yahoo.com.  Rick is available for hire to complete the repairs needed to bring your mailbox into compliance with the community governing documents.  
2023 Community Garage Sale
The Galloway Ridge Community Garage Sale
will be held on June 2, 3 & 4, 2023
2023 Dues
2023 Annual dues have been billed.  You have been mailed a paper statement via USPS regular mail in December of 2022, BUT you are responsible for paying these dues even if you misplace, disregard, or do not receive this statement. 
The dues of $80 must be paid in full no later than 3/31/23 to avoid late fees.  
To pay online, please log in to www.the27grp.com . If this is your first time logging in, you will need to request access and register using your email address.  If you need assistance, please email info@the27grp.com. 
There is no fee to use a checking account w/routing number.  Be sure to select "e-check" on the Payment tab once logged in to your secure portal.  (There is a small fee only if a debit or credit card is used).
Alternatively, you may mail a check payable to Galloway Ridge to our The Twenty Seven Group   OFFICE LOCATION:   
6059 Frantz Rd, Suite 202
Dublin OH 43017. 
(If you mail a personal check or mail a check using your bank's bill payment system, PLEASE update your mailing address).
We have noticed significant mail delays so please consider your timing and allow up to 2 weeks for your check to be received.  The late date of 3/31/23 will be based on receipt of payment, not postmarked date.  
If you need a copy of your statement or have any questions about your account, please call 614.957.0027 or email info@the27grp.com
For less than 23 cents per day, your dues contribute to the operating budget for the entire community.  Thank you for being a valued member of Galloway Ridge!
AMENDMENT UPDATES and Enforcement Letters
Many owners have received letters from the Association's attorneys regarding violations of Galloway Ridge Deed Restrictions in reference to fence height, sheds, and above-ground pools.
All owners who purchase a home in Galloway Ridge receive a copy of your deed restrictions prior to, or at, closing.  They can also be reviewed on this website under FAQ and Forms.  Unfortunately, even if you acquire a home that already has the disallowed fence, shed, or pool, you are still responsible for maintaining your property within the deed restrictions as outlined in the Association bylaws.
There ARE amendments pending but to date we have not received the full amount of required votes to change the bylaws. 67% of homeowners must vote "yes" to pass these amendments.  While we have received some votes since 2018, despite the pushes from the Board, door to door campaigns, website promotion, meeting announcements, and mailed reminders...   UPDATE AS OF 8/1/22:  IN ORDER FOR THE AMENDMENTS TO PASS REGARDING FENCES/SHEDS/POOLS... THE FOLLOWING AMOUNT OF "YES" VOTES ARE NEEDED:  Fences -202, Sheds -214, Pools -275.  (This includes ballots received in previous years as well as those collected in the past 52+ weeks). 
If you have not voted or are not sure if you voted, please complete the ballot, attached HERE.  All votes are tracked and will only be counted once, even if submitted more than once in error.  The completed ballot can be mailed or emailed to erin@the27grp.com. 
If you need an electronic copy of the ballot and are unable to print and sign a paper copy, please email erin@the27grp.com to request same.  These requests will be processed on Fridays.
Passing these amendments would mean owners who are not in compliance on these issues, would become compliant.  
Finally, to request a hearing, please complete and email/scan/mail this form as instructed.  You do not need to deliver this form in person.  You will be notified at least 7 days in advance when a hearing is scheduled with the board and legal counsel.  
While the Board has slightly extended the original timeline to enforce some of these violations, they are fully within their rights to continue immediate enforcement through all legal means.  
Violations of Rules and Regulations
One of the most common inquiries received by board members and property managers is "what is being done about our fellow homeowners who are breaking the rules?"  
The Board has drafted the attached policy which outlines the steps that are being followed by management.  A copy of this policy has been mailed to each homeowner in Galloway Ridge, or a copy can be downloaded here.  
A part of the enforcement procedure is to allow for the request for a hearing by a homeowner who has received notice of violation.  The appropriate form to request such a hearing can be downloaded here.  
As always, please refer to your current Rules and Regulations if you have any questions or are unclear about what may or may not be allowed in Galloway Ridge.  If you are considering making changes to your property, you will likely need to complete a Modification Request Application, so please allow time for that process. 
NOTE:  If you have a tenant occupying your home, you, as the homeowner, are responsible for maintaining your property and abiding within the bylaws of your community.  You will be held responsible for remedying the issue, paying any associated fines, and/or requesting/attending a hearing with the Board of Directors. Neither property management or the Board will negotiate or follow up with tenants on your behalf. 
Any questions regarding the above should be directed to your Property Management Team at The Twenty Seven Group.  (614) 696-8725
Food Trucks in Galloway Ridge
Galloway Ridge will be participating with the Central Ohio Food Truck Association from May-Sept 2023 to host a variety of food trucks throughout the spring/summer season.
The trucks will be located at the Galloway Ridge Park. To see what trucks and time slots are scheduled, please visit and/or subscribe at the following link:
Your management company and Board of Directors have no control over which trucks choose the time slots and we are unable to receive or share feedback about same.  The same trucks may come repeatedly, and there may be "shifts" which are not filled and no truck will be on site.  Many of the trucks offer online/app based, or pre-order options.  To keep up to date, you will need to visit www.streetfoodfinder.com/galloway  regularly, as the live site updates every 15 minutes.
Snow Plowing & Removal
The streets in Galloway Ridge are owned and managed by Franklin County.  This includes plowing of the streets in inclement weather.  Snow plowing is not a part of your HOA Operating Budget and your board and management company do not manage the process, and have 0 control over the clearing of the streets within Galloway Ridge.
Should you have questions, or complaints, please visit the Franklin County website:  https://www.franklincountyengineer.org/snow-fighters/
As homeowners, you are responsible for clearing your own driveways, sidewalks, and walkways on your property.  Please exercise caution, stay safe, and thank you for taking your neighbors into consideration as well.

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